Comprendre les enjeux de l'agriculture

The demand for insect protein is poised to skyrocket by the end of the decade, driven largely by pet owners and farmers turning to bug-based feeds for their animals. Despite initial enthusiasm for insects in human diets, fueled by a pivotal 2013 UN report, reality took a divergent path. Entrepreneurs, facing public reluctance to embrace insects as food, pivoted their focus towards the animal feed market, where demand continues to rise.

Insect proteins, especially from black soldier fly larvae and crickets, are gaining popularity in the pet food sector. This trend is bolstered by investor interest and partnerships with major companies like Tyson Foods and Mars Inc., exploring these proteins in their products. Insect-based pet foods not only promise significant environmental benefits but also cater to specific health concerns, such as allergies and sensitive stomachs in dogs.

While the current market focuses mainly on pet foods, the future may see expansion into other areas, including aquaculture. Ongoing research and cost reductions through large-scale production could encourage broader adoption of insect proteins. However, this process is viewed as a multi-decade transition, highlighting the need for a gradual evolution in consumption perceptions and habits.


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