Comprendre les enjeux de l'agriculture

The COP 28, convened in Dubai, concluded on December 12th. States reached an agreement on carbon neutrality issues.

Agriculture, transportation, energy, and all these topics underwent intense negotiations. While the issue of fossil fuels was addressed, the discussions did not lead to a consensus on their explicit elimination, as advocated by supporters of green energy.

Thus, the text, like its predecessors, addresses the need to eliminate polluting emissions or harmful subsidies. It sets capacity objectives and recommends tripling renewable energy supply by 2030, for example. Some countries are less inclined to commit to the transition defined in Dubai, as their economic systems rely heavily on fossil fuels. This is the case, notably, for China or India.

Even though the agreement does not explicitly condemn fossil fuels, Dave Jones, program director at the Ember think tank, believes that it paves the way for a long-term phase-out of fossil fuels.

Source : Le Point