Comprendre les enjeux de l'agriculture

Moroccan forest ecosystems are scarce. The majority of the kingdom’s forests are located on the northern slopes of the Middle Atlas mountains (Khenifra, Midelt, Tounfit, Sefrou), with a few scattered forested areas around the High Atlas, where Toubkal peaks at 4000m in altitude. The African Development Bank (AfDB) is stepping in to develop and protect these forest systems by investing €84 million.

This mobilization of funds for Moroccan forest ecosystems has several missions. Besides supporting the development of these areas, the program aims to improve forest management and promote biodiversity by reintroducing endangered wildlife species. It will also focus on the restoration of forests affected by fires  and combat deforestation. Additionally, it will encourage entrepreneurship among young people and women in sectors related to forest ecosystems by offering support, dedicated training, and incubators that facilitate access to financing.

This significant conservation effort for Moroccan forest ecosystems strengthens the missions of the Green Morocco Plan (2008-2020) and Generation Green (2020-2030), established by Aziz Akhenouch, head of the Moroccan government since 2021.