Comprendre les enjeux de l'agriculture

Virginie Duvat, a researcher at the Coastal Environment and Societies (LIENSs), coordinates the ADAPTOM project, an inventory of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) focused on preserving coastal areas in the French overseas regions. This laboratory is part of the interdisciplinary research unit of La Rochelle (UMRi) and the CNRS. It brings together humanities, environmental sciences, and biotechnology, serving the understanding of a coastline exposed to urbanization and climate change.

The studies carried out involve referencing experiences, creating an exchange platform, and formalizing devices. The analysis of the 25 identified projects highlighted recurring levers, especially the role of public actors and local associations in the success of the programs.

French overseas coastal areas are regularly affected by climatic events that have intensified over the years: hurricanes, floods, droughts, etc. Their economic life, based on fishing, agriculture, or tourism, is directly impacted by their degradation. The compilation of NbS experiences will lead to presentation workshops for public stakeholders to share compiled knowledge and accelerate the development of similar projects.


Source: University of La Rochelle (France)