Comprendre les enjeux de l'agriculture

In collaboration with ICL Food Specialties, Plantible Foods has developed a new chemical binder for use in the production of alternative meats.

Using water lentils, an aquatic plant, the startup extracts a protein with binding properties, which is then mixed to achieve a texture that remains stable at all temperatures. These characteristics give it a clear advantage over methylcellulose derived from a chemical modification of cellulose, which loses its consistency upon cooling.

Several startups are working on other alternatives: Fiberstar with its citrus fibers or Eggmented Reality with precision fermentation.

Plantible Foods has an R&D center in San Diego and a large-scale water lentil production farm. The harvesting process yields a neutral-tasting and odorless protein.

In early 2024, the company will begin large-scale trials with its customers, aiming for commercialization later in the same year under the name “lemna leaf protein.”


Source: AgFunderNews