Comprendre les enjeux de l'agriculture

Alfiya Kayumova and Evgeny Savin co-founded Green Growth in 2021, a platform that facilitates the integration of software with agricultural machinery and production activities. In 2022, the startup raised $300,000 to begin offering its services to farmers.

The platform’s creators emphasize that farmers don’t have time for extensive learning and expect user-friendly solutions. The goal is to simplify the translation of available agricultural data to enable everyone to practice precision agriculture.

Through the application, farmers can analyze data collected from their machines, presented in the form of thermal maps that guide them in fertilization and planting decisions. The benefit lies in optimizing operations, saving inputs, and quickly overcoming obstacles to productivity improvement.

The startup’s clients are located in Europe as well as Central Asia, viewing this service as a way to withstand climate uncertainties and fertilizer shortages.

For the founders, technology is only valuable when it can transition from the laboratory to the field, even for farmers who may not be proficient in reading!


Source: AgFunderNews