Comprendre les enjeux de l'agriculture

Three young Malians recently won the Agri-Hackathon, a competition that took place last May and focused on the desertification of the Sahel. Soil degradation due to climate and overexploitation remains a major concern for this region, whose population is expected to double by 2050.

At the end of the three-day competition, computer scientists and entrepreneurs presented their projects.

Team Mali

The winning team is from Mali. It won over the competition with Agri-mairie, a community website that brings together women’s cooperatives to promote their economic and social development. The platform compiles trade, financing and training opportunities offered by local communities for women producers who practice agroecology. This pooling will also be an opportunity for local authorities in different countries to better understand the needs and implement appropriate policies. The NGO SOS Sahel will bring its technical and financial support to the deployment of the solution from which it will be able to benefit for the implementation of its actions.

Team Senegal

The Senegalese team came second. It presented a solution to register land and livestock in order to manage the cohabitation of farming and pastoral activities. This solution aims to limit land conflicts and deforestation due to a lack of knowledge of available space. For areas not covered by the Internet, the populations concerned will have access to an interactive voice server, in the local dialect. An application will also be made available to investors and local communities.

The objective of SOS Sahel is to succeed in developing various inclusive digital solutions to improve the daily life of the populations and push them to adopt a more sustainable way of life and production.

Source : Le Monde