Comprendre les enjeux de l'agriculture

On December 13, 2010, Le Figaro  reproduced an article first published in the journal Nature contradicting all the received truths concerning bio agriculture, which in truth could have a negative impact on global warming. The article’s authors say that organic crops emit more CO2 than traditional agriculture. Indeed, the lower yields from bio agriculture require more surface area to allow plants to grow, thus causing greater deforestation. The CO2 stored in forests is released into the air during
deforestation. As a result, in Sweden, the impact of biological peas on the climate is 50% greater than traditionally grown peas. In Sweden too, the impact of biological winter wheat is even 70% greater. The “extra cost” of CO2 emissions is even more greater in cattle which requires more extensive pastures. The authors of the study nonetheless conclude that putting an end to bio agriculture is not a solution, as the study does not address the harmful impact of pesticides. The answer is, in fact, to consume less.

Source: Le Figaro