Comprendre les enjeux de l'agriculture

As part of a project subsidised by the Danish Ministry of Agriculture, the big cooperative supply and storage group, DLG Group, the dairy cooperative Arla Foods and their partners Danae and Biotest ApS are planning to produce protein from clover. To begin with, the protein will replace soya in animal feed. Later on, they also plan to produce proteins for human consumption. DLG Group, Arla Foods, Danae and Biotest ApS are investing €2.8 million in the project and the Ministry of Agriculture €1.9 million.

According to the Danish Ministry of Agriculture the new factory will initially produce 4,000 tonnes of proteins annually for poultry and cattle feed, as well as 25,000 tonnes of fibre-rich substrates that can be used for ruminants. The factory will need 2,000 ha of clover and mixed crops with alfalfa. By exploiting as yet untapped new sources of protein, it may be possible to partially or even fully replace soya.