Comprendre les enjeux de l'agriculture

This week, Burger King launched its Rebel Whopper in 25 European countries, a vegetarian hamburger that claims to imitate, almost to perfection, the appearance, texture and taste of burgers made of meat. For a few years now, start-ups – the biggest of which are Beyond Meat and Impossible Food – have been investing tens of millions of dollars to develop alternative hamburgers made from soya, peas, starches and other ingredients to imitate the taste of beef, pork and chicken. Plant-based burgers are becoming products of mass consumption that are no longer confined to the shelves of organic food stores. According to the bank, UBS, this market will have sales of $50 billion in 2025. When all’s said and done, the figure is insignificant compared to the  $1.2 trillion in annual sales of conventional meat. However, plant-based meat will reach 2.5% by volume of the total market for meat, as opposed to 1% currently.