Comprendre les enjeux de l'agriculture

Europe stands at a crossroads, faced with the challenges posed by climate change and geopolitical crises, in securing its food future while promoting sustainability and innovation in agriculture. Initiatives like the “Green Deal,” which aims to cut pesticide use by 50% and increase the share of organic agricultural land to 25% by 2030, demonstrate the EU’s commitment to environmentally-friendly farming. Innovative projects such as hydroponics in Finland and drought-resistant varieties of durum wheat in Spain illustrate the potential of green technologies and sustainable farming practices to meet these challenges.

Solidarity also lies at the heart of European action, with programs like “L’Assiette Solidaire” in France, which combats hunger and food waste while supporting small producers. These efforts reflect a holistic vision of food security, where access to healthy food for all is a fundamental right. Europe is thus striving to strengthen the connection between producers and consumers, promoting food equity and greater self-sufficiency in food production.