Comprendre les enjeux de l'agriculture

Since 2019, aerial pesticide spraying has been prohibited in the state of Ceara, in the northeast of the country. Critics of this practice would like to see a nationwide extension of this ban.

The debate is sensitive, as Brazilian pesticide consumption accounts for 20% of the tonnage sold worldwide. The Brazilian economy relies on this agribusiness.

Small-scale farmers in the western part of the state of Sao Paulo have filed complaints, noting symptoms such as skin and mucous membrane irritations after the passage of aircraft.

The law already prohibits spraying near populations or water bodies, but the distance criteria, 500 meters for populations and 250 meters for water bodies, do not consider meteorological conditions.

Agribusinesses fear stricter regulations. The cultivated areas are vast, and aerial spraying represents a significant time-saving advantage.

At the same time, the issue of the unrestricted use of pesticides poses an obstacle to the signing of the Mercosur agreement by European countries.

Source: Actu orange