Comprendre les enjeux de l'agriculture

The British startup Brilliant Planet occupies 6,000 hectares in the Moroccan desert to conduct carbon capture studies. The experiment involves burying algae in the desert soil to sequester carbon.

The startup has identified nearly 500,000 square kilometers of desert areas that could host its innovation, and this inventory meets several selection criteria:

  1. Low net primary productivity (NPP).
  2. Flat topography devoid of infrastructure.
  3. An environment conducive to renewable energy production.
  4. Access to seawater.
  5. Favorable conditions for developing local partnerships.

It is in Akhfennir, a small town in the Laâyoune region, that CEO Adam Taylor has chosen to establish his operations for testing in Morocco.

Specializing in impact-driven projects, Adam Taylor previously founded FirstWave Group, the first aquaculture company in Africa and the second-largest global tilapia producer. He also co-founded Liberi Zambia, a charity that develops school infrastructure in Zambia.