Comprendre les enjeux de l'agriculture

Out of the 783 million individuals who lack easy access to food, one-third are in Africa. The causes include exacerbated drought and the absence of agricultural resources and resilient food systems. African agriculture needs mechanization, improved seed supply, and better food preservation to prevent losses.

The UN provides $2.5 billion in aid to this region annually. This money is used for urgent and direct assistance, both agricultural and food-related. Ideally, it should be allocated to investments aimed at transforming the production system, distribution channels, and human capital in the long term.

In Africa, one in five people experiences famine, which is twice the rate compared to the rest of the world. Russia’s refusal to renew the grain agreement in the Black Sea worsens the situation on the African continent, leading to a decline in domestic production. For instance, Tunisia has reported a 66% decrease in cereal production.


Source: RFI