Comprendre les enjeux de l'agriculture

The company Plenty Inc. specializing in fully robotized vertical indoor agriculture had a difficult start. The coronavirus crisis saved it. The fear of contamination by vegetables grown by humans made its success. From planting to harvesting, her vegetables never meet a human hand, only the arms of robots. Plenty sells packaged vegetables planted vertically indoors. The consumer knows that these products have never been touched by a human. He is the first to do so. Supported by Softbank, Plenty has seen its sales increase by 30% compared to the pre-pandemic period. Pizza merchants have been doing it too. Their pizzas automatically slide from the oven to the carton. And, for those who don’t like to order online and don’t want to leave their homes, Stockwell is installing a robot in buildings that will sell you a number of products, from aspirin to toilet paper or cooked noodles.

Source: Bloomberg