Comprendre les enjeux de l'agriculture

McKinsey & Company identified in a new report –  Agriculture and Climate Change: Reducing emissions through improved farming practices- 25 measures to reduce on-farm emissions that could abate 4.6 gigatons of carbon emissions by 2050.

  1. Zero-emissions on-farm machinery and equipment
  2. Variable-rate fertilization
  3. Reduced nitrogen application in China and India
  4. Dry direct seeding
  5. Low- or no-tillage
  6. Improved equipment maintenance
  7. Improved fuel efficiency of fishing vehicles
  8. Improved rice paddy water management
  9. Improved rice straw management
  10. Improved animal health monitoring and illness prevention
  11. Feed-grain processing for improved digestibility
  12. GHG-focused breeding and genetic selection
  13. Livestock nutrient use efficiency
  14. Optimal rice varietal selection
  15. Nitrogen-fixing rotations
  16. Improved fertilization of rice
  17. Nitrogen inhibitors on pasture
  18. Improved fertilization timing
  19. Controlled-release and stabilized fertilizers
  20. Animal feed additives
  21. Anaerobic manure digestion
  22. Technologies that increase livestock production efficiencies
  23. Animal feed mix optimization
  24. Conversation from flood to drip or sprinkler irrigation
  25. Specialty crop nutrition amendments

Source : Agfunder