Comprendre les enjeux de l'agriculture

FIRA (the International Forum of Agricultural Robotics) was held in Toulouse between 9 and 11 December. Here are some of the robots in the spotlight at this year’s event:

  • The French company Naïo Technologies presented Oz and Dino, two 100% electric autonomous agri-robots used to mechanically weed plots.
  • SONY CSL presented Robotics for Microfarm (ROMI), which combines agroecology, robotics and artificial intelligence.
  • One offering from Spain was VINESCOUT, which picks grapes in vineyards.
  • Germany was represented by Bosch’s BoniRob, which controls weeds using conventional or organic techniques.
  • The Spanish robot ChickenBoy from Faromatics is hung like a bat from the ceiling to monitor chicken welfare.
  • Spoutnic from the French company TIBOT helps hens to reach the nest and lay their eggs.
  • Bakus by VITIBOT is a 100% electric robot linked to a versatile platform for tillage, treatments, defoliation and vine pruning.
  • SentiV by MEROPY is an agri-robot designed to autonomously monitor farm plots.
  • bot’s “Weed Whacker” robot is a smart and sustainable weeding solution.

Source: Agfunder