Comprendre les enjeux de l'agriculture

If you are exasperated by the now 15-month-long Sino-American trade war and its ups and downs, here is, finally, a piece of good news: the birth of the US-China Green Fund (USCGF). It is a private investment fund whose mission is to create ties between businesses that are active in the field of sustainable development in the two countries. USCFG has already invested $550 million in Chinese companies active in the ecological transition of industry and agriculture. The fund is currently looking to raise $1 billion to invest in western companies that are well known for their use of clean technologies. “Our principal areas of interest are sustainable agriculture and food production, pesticides, fertilisers and alternative proteins…” says Annie Zhou, Director of External Affairs at USCGF. The agricultural division of the fund plans to introduce sustainable American food and agricultural products and technologies into the Chinese market through strategic consultancies, the development of the market and investment in shares.

Source: Agfunder