Comprendre les enjeux de l'agriculture

According to the Chinese Academy of Science, researchers have isolated the Chinese strain of African swine fever and have decoded its structure. It consists of five layers: outer membrane, capsid, double-layer inner membrane, core-shell and finally the genome. It is a rare and complex structure: the virus apparently consists of 30,000 protein sub-units, which is a huge figure. With a diameter of 260 nanometres, this virus is, for example, ten times longer than the Hepatitis A virus. The researchers also claim to have decoded the antigen structure of swine fever, which normally stimulates the production of antibodies and can lead to the development of a vaccine.  According to the researchers, this is just the first step in the long fight against this disease. They are now analysing the core-shell to find the answers as to how the virus attacks the pig’s body.