Comprendre les enjeux de l'agriculture
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Microsoft has launched a support programme for agro-technology start-ups to help them develop agriculture-specific solutions and grow by providing them with technological and business resources. The program, called Microsoft for Agritech Startups, consists of three tiers, each targeted at start-ups at different stages of growth. All participating companies will benefit from access to Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform, interest-free credit, technical support and access to the Azure Marketplace, where they can both purchase services from other partners in the Azure network and offer their own. Start-ups benefiting from the program will also be able to use Azure FarmBeats – which Microsoft launched late last year – which aggregates agricultural data from sensors, UAVs, satellite images and multiple other sources, and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to turn it into actionable information. AzureBeats’ industrial partners include UAV manufacturers DJI and SenseFly, agricultural robot designer EarthSense and sensor manufacturer Teralytic. Start-ups looking to develop new custom solutions will be able to use Azure FarmBeats to obtain and analyze agricultural data and build their own models without the time, cost and other means of data collection.

Source : AFN